A downloadable asset pack

I like to make silly things. I hope you like my items!

This is my low poly sheep & ram pack for blender.

  • It has four static chicken models which are separated by group/colour.  There are three colours, brown, black and white sheep.
  • The legs have some extra verts so you can try and pose/play with them if you like.
  • Modifications are OK! 
  • This item has no bones or rig.
  • I'd love to see how you use this!
  • I may update them with animations in the future if I have time!
  • Please note these items arent exactly to scale LOL. You will have to adjust it for your game!

Thank you for reading! Your support is super duper appreciated. 
included page pixel art is created and owned by myself/hatty

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Rams_by_Hatty.blend 1 MB
Sheep_by_Hatty.blend 1 MB

Install instructions

Install instructions
Thank you for downloading!

To open your file, please save it somewhere like your desktop, and go into blender.

  1. Select FILE > OPEN
  2. Find where you have saved (file)_by_Hatty.blend
  3.  Select file and open your file

On the top right of Blender you will see a a collections section. This area is like layers.

  • You can click the model you want and delete any you don't want by selecting them and pressing delete on your keyboard. 
  • You can now save your model you'd like with a new name, and import it into Unity, Godot, wherever!

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you so much for downloading my models! I hope you have a great day!


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what is the license for these

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OH! these are great :D
Do you accept requests? i'd love to see camels done in this style :D
Are these done using an asset sheet for colours, or you've just coloured the polygons within blender?.

Hello! I can try a camel haha! 😭💖

These are just the material coloured in blender for ease, but it's not difficult to assign a texture if needed. 🌈